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Ohio Consortium of Crime Science


OCCS Guiding Principles
Professionalism, best practices, equality and trustworthiness, dedication to continued support, and methodological integrity.
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The Ohio Consortium of Crime Science (OCCS) is an association of researchers working to provide evidence-based solutions to problems faced by criminal justice agencies. The OCCS is guided by the belief that the criminal justice system benefits from a better understanding of complex social, cultural, economic, and political processes.

The OCCS works with practitioners, policymakers, and academic researchers in the social sciences and related professions, building interdisciplinary and statewide networks to link research to practice and policy, strengthen individual and institutional capacities for learning, and enhance public knowledge on criminal justice issues.

After local government agencies submit a Request for Assistance, the OCCS will determine the feasibility of the request given the resources of the Consortium. If the request is approved, an OCCS researcher with expertise in the appropriate area will work with the agency to develop a solution to the problem based on empirical research. For requests outside the scope of the OCCS or requiring more extensive assistance than what the OCCS can provide, we will offer guidance on devising a research-based strategy to address the issue.