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Recruitment Resources

The Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board has established a certification process for Ohio law enforcement based on professional standards and meeting best practices, including a State of Ohio Standard for Agency Employee Recruitment and Hiring.

  • Goal of law enforcement is to recruit and hire qualified individuals while providing equal employment opportunity.
  • Agencies should consist of a diverse workforce that reflects the community.
  • Non-discrimination and equal opportunity are the policy in all facets of employment.
  • Agencies should use due diligence ensuring candidates have the proper temperament, knowledge and attitude for this difficult career.
  • Employment requirements should be related to the skills necessary to be a successful employee.

To meet state standards, the Ohio Collaborative provides sample policies for agencies pursuing or considering law enforcement certification.

The model policy for agency employee recruitment and hiring reaffirms the principles in the Collaborative policy statement:

  • Agency personnel involved in the recruiting and hiring activities for sworn personnel shall complete a read and sign of the policy, recruitment plan and EEO plan at least annually.
  • The agency maintains a recruitment plan designed to attract qualified applicants for jobs. This plan includes objectives and strategies for actively recruiting underrepresented minorities and women.
  • EEO plan ensuring that there are no artificial barriers for fair and equitable opportunities for all.
  • Sworn personnel applicant qualifications.
  • Application and Selection Process
    • Application Options
    • Personal History Questionaire/Conditional Offer of Employment
    • Polygraph Examination/Background Investigation
    • Physical Fitness Assessment
  • Annual Review of Program

Qualities of a Character Driven Candidate

  • Integrity
  • Service-Oriented
  • Compatibility
  • Human Relations skills
  • Performance driven

Benefits of Hiring Minorities

  • Agencies better reflect the communities they serve
  • Diversifies agency performance
  • Increases innovation
  • Increased workforce range of skills, talents, and experience

Benefits of Hiring Women

  • Statistically more loyal to organizations
  • Fewer citizen complaints
  • High behavior and technical skills
  • Better able to engage diverse cultural groups

Consider a Recruiting Team

  • Diverse, self-motivated and personable
  • Team Coordinator to ensure accountability
  • EEO trained
  • Develop relationships with youth, schools/colleges & community


  • EEO Plan
  • Annual Review of program
  • Are you advertising enough?
  • Is the testing process working?
  • Are goals and objectives being met?
  • Are policies and procedures meeting agency needs?
  • Are you retaining personnel?