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Meet Our Team

Our diverse backgrounds will help ensure we meet the needs of agencies across the state

The Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment was created, by Governor Mike DeWine, to ensure that law enforcement agencies and communities in Ohio have a resource of diverse experiences and expertise to help develop and implement the best recruitment and hiring practices in law enforcement. Members bring a unique perspective to this career field and understand the need to create a culture that allows for qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds to succeed. We want officers to succeed not only within their agencies, but also to succeed within the communities they serve.

It is important when considering a career in law enforcement that we encourage and select those who are highly qualified in meeting the needs of the individuals they will engage on and off-duty. We have come a long way in policing as many agencies continue to embrace the need for a more diversified work force. We want to assist agencies in this movement, we intend to utilize the skills and insights of the individuals, and agencies who want do more for their communities.

Anjolie Harland, M.S.

Technical and analytical support

Patrick Oliver, Ph.D.

Subject matter expert and lead consultant

Sarah Shendy, M.S.

Director of the Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment