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The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

May 9, 2022

Join Sarah Shendy, with the Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment, and a special guest as they discuss The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work by Shawn Achor and how we can translate lessons learned from this book to your career journey in law enforcement. While it's recommended you read the book before this discussion, it is not a requirement to participate.


Leading Beyond the Badge: Women in Law Enforcement Roundtable - Discussion with Sheriff Kandy Fatheree

April 22, 2022

Sheriff Kandy Fatheree of the Summit County Sheriff's Office is the first elected female Sheriff in the County and third in the state to be elected to this role. She will join us to discuss her career journey through her historic election in Summit County.


Leading Beyond the Badge: Women in Law Enforcement Roundtable - Discussion with Chief Deirdre Jones

April 13, 2022

Chief Deirdre Jones with the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Police Department talks with us about her career journey in law enforcement and specifically will discuss accountability and its relationship to police morale and community support.


A Law Enforcement Symposium on Morale & Recruitment

March 28, 2022

The Blue Morale Project discussion is being hosted by dual-board certified psychologist and co-author of The Blue Morale Project, Dr. Ronald Jay Cohen, and featuring the following speakers and presentations:

"The Nexus Between Recruitment, Retention and Morale"

In this keynote address, Chief Kevin Williams will overview the intimately intertwined topics of recruitment, retention and morale, and cite practical sample strategies that may prove beneficial to law enforcement agencies.

"Salient Overlapping Factors in Blue Morale and Blue Recruiting"

Drawing on the research literature and practical experience, Dr. Ronald Cohen explores how some of the key variables related to morale at law enforcement agencies may be powerfully salient to prospective recruits.

"Motivation, Morale, and Recruiting After Negatively Publicized Events"

Professor Gary Goines will reflect on how motivation, morale, and recruiting can be impacted by genuine and press-elevated crises.

"Recruitment and Retention of Personnel"

Captain Ann Young will discuss the vital role of factors such as morale and personal adjustment in recruitment and retention.

"Trust, Morale and Retention"

Dr. Barbara Cohen-Pavlo will discuss the “whys and hows” of trust, morale, and retention.


Leading Beyond the Badge: Women in Law Enforcement Roundtable

March 14, 2022

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Fankl, book discussion


Richmond Height Police Department – Youth Outreach Programs.

March 10, 2022

Join Chief Tom Wetzel, with the Richmond Heights Police Department, as he discuss their youth outreach programs and the impact they are making as an agency on their community.


Leading Beyond the Badge: Women in Law Enforcement Roundtable.

March 8, 2022

Join us as we talk with leaders in law enforcement about creating opportunities from adversity and overcoming challenges they have faced in their careers. This discussion took place at Cuyahoga Community College – Western Campus in Parma, OH. Panelist include Officer Sarah Shendy (Copley PD), acting Lieutenant Khisha Hudson (Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority), Sgt. Kelly Smith (Cleveland PD), Captain Tanya Czack (Parma Heights PD), and Chief Sheila Mason (Village of Woodmere PD).


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Leading Beyond the Badge: Women in Law Enforcement Roundtable

January 24, 2022

GRIT by Angela Duckworth, book discussion


Law Enforcement Wellness

January 10, 2022

The Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment would like to invite you to a session that aims to provide insights on the importance of law enforcement wellness and how to mitigate life’s stressors on and off duty. During this webinar, we will discuss realistic, yet unorthodox, approaches to combat the effects of chronic stress and trauma on the mind and body. These tactics can also be utilized to improve focus, mental clarity, and emotional regulation. By improving the wellness of law enforcement, not only do we enhance the service provided and the quality of life for officers; the efforts transcend into the community to elevate healing on a broader scale.

Presenter Amanda Dozanti is currently a Law Enforcement Wellness Specialist with the Hope Meadows Foundation.


The 3R's: Emotional Resilience, Mission Readiness, Healthy Reintegration

November 17, 2021

The 3Rs program was developed specifically to address the needs of first responders and military personnel beginning at the entry level, following members throughout their service tenure, and finally reintegrating back to civilian life. Based on research in the areas of mindset and human performance, and refined through practical application with professional and Olympic athletes, the 3Rs has been adapted to confront the unique stressors faced by law enforcement personnel.

During this webinar, attendees will be provided with information on the potential deleterious effects of perceived threat versus actual threat, the need for adopting interruption-based programing and training, the base level of application for a foundational routine, and the impact our accumulated stressors have on our overall performance. We will also discuss the need for a holistic approach to performance and how our unaddressed trauma may impact our families and others close to us. The 3Rs team is comprised of individuals with decades of experience in law enforcement, the military, and with developing and implementing coaching programs for a wide variety of audiences.


Elevating Women Behind the Shield

November 10, 2021

Panel discussion on women in policing. Join us as we discuss the importance of mentorship, work-life balance, lessons learned, the importance of credibility and reputation, and more. Our hope is to inspire women within the field looking to move up in the ranks and those aspiring to enter a career in law enforcement.


Youth Police Academy

September 15, 2021

A discussion on Youth Police Academies. These types of programs are developed for local students who have an interest in law enforcement. Engaging and giving youth hands on experience while developing meaningful relationships with their local police department. Please join us as Office Joe Di Lillo, Jr., with the South Euclid Police Department, discuss the work of their department’s Youth Police Academy.


Recruitment and Selection of Quality Diverse Applicants

August 23, 2021

A discussion on the recruitment and selection of more diverse groups of candidates. Special guest Chief Kurt Althouse with the Vandalia Police Department, will discuss how his agency was able to successfully attract diverse and quality applicants through various recruitment tools and activities. Earlier this year, his agency gained social media attention for having an entire shift staffed entirely by women for the first time in its 61 year history as a department.


Citizen Police Academy – Bringing Law Enforcement and Communities Together

August 10, 2021

Detective Tom Ballinger, of the Copley Township Police Department, joins us to discuss a program that provides insight to the public on the responsibilities and operations of law enforcement departments. The Southwest Summit Citizens Police Academy was designed to accomplish several goals. The most important goal of this Academy is to open channels of communications between the citizens and their local Police Department. While helping develop an understanding of the role that law enforcement has in the community. The objective of this Academy is not to make police officers out of the graduates, but to make them better-informed citizens, with an accurate knowledge of law enforcement's many responsibilities and functions.


Social Media and the First Amendment; Avoiding Facebook Foibles and Twitter

July 12, 2021

What do you do when a comment appears on your social media feed that’s contrary to your agency’s values or ignites controversy with the public? Do you know what you can (and cannot) post on social media especially during a crisis? Knowing how the First Amendment applies to your social media feed(s) can protect you from a lawsuit, legal fees, and damages. Get practical tips from a social media expert who is also an attorney and regularly advises public agencies on social media, public records and first amendment issues. This won’t be dry legal humdrum – expect funny, real life examples that will make your social media feeds better and smarter.


Women in Policing

July 19, 2021

Panel discussion on women in policing. With insufficient research on the understanding of the unique challenges that women officers face and how to mitigate or overcome these challenges, we’re bringing the individual experiences of these women in uniform to the discussion.


Law Enforcement Career Exploration Programs

June 21, 2021

Career exploration programs for youths in Ohio with Sgt. Adam Willauer with the Delaware Police Department. These types of programs allow a potentially diverse network of youth the opportunity to explore various career opportunities within law enforcement in an exciting and informal environment.


Four Cities Compact: The Criminal Science Technology Program

June 15, 2021

Career exploration program for youths that cross-trains and prepares students for entry-level positions in the specific areas of criminal justice. State and National certifications, competitions, and college credit are all offered through this very exciting and interactive two year program for high school students. Please join us while we discuss with Instructor and Officer Jeremy Milford, Sr., of the Peninsula Police Department, the Criminal Science Technology Program, a partnership between school districts in Barberton, Norton, Wadsworth, and Copley-Fairlawn.


Does college education contribute to law enforcement officer effectiveness?

May 27, 2021

The Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment would like to invite you attend a discussion with Dr. Patrick Oliver on higher education in law enforcement.