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Provisional Certification Procedures

The Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS) has been working for years with Ohio law enforcement to implement a new incident based crime reporting system that significantly upgrades the Uniform Crime Report issued by the FBI. The Ohio Incident Based Reporting System (OIBRS) offers invaluable information and insight into the nature of crime, victims and offenders, to provide law enforcement with the data they need to plan for enforcement, intervention and prevention efforts in their communities.

These IBR Certification procedures are to be followed for any software vendor, law enforcement agency, or any other person or agency creating their own IBR (Incident-Based Reporting) software and would like to become provisionally IBR certified in Ohio. Provisional certification in Ohio identifies software systems that have met the same requirements to become Officially Ohio IBR Certified without the use of live data from an Ohio law enforcement agency. Fictitious data from the vendor or historical data from a law enforcement agency may be submitted to OCJS to determine provisional certification. The official certification procedures will follow once live data is entered into the provisionally certified software by an Ohio law enforcement agency. These procedures are used to certify the quality of data submitted to the State IBR Program.

The provisional certification procedures are outlined below and based off of the Ohio Data Collection and Submission Specifications Manual.

Provisional Certification Process

OCJS will take into consideration the amount of data submitted to test for provisional certification and should represent Ohio Revised Codes that translate to each of the 33 NIBRS crime categories to help improve data quality and accuracy. It is recommended that the testing vendor produce at least 100 records per month for provisional certification. Once a vendor has followed the procedures outlined above for provisional certification, OCJS will conduct a final review of the test data submitted to determine whether provisional certification status will be acknowledged.

Provisional certification will remain in effect for one year from the signature date on the certificate signed by the Director of the Justice Technology section. Should the vendor not obtain official certification within the one year time period, they will automatically lose their provisional certification status, at which time they must go through these procedures again to renew their provisional certification. Provisional certification provides the vendor the potential to become Officially certified, but is not a guarantee.

Step 1

The vendor will complete and submit to OCJS a written request to test for provisional certification after reading, understanding, and signing this document. Once the request is received, OCJS will contact the vendor to inform them that they may begin sending the data to test for provisional certification.

Step 2

The testing vendor can begin submitting the data. The data submitted will be in monthly intervals. There must be three consecutive monthly submissions of data with a 0% error rate for the testing vendor to be considered for provisional certification in Ohio for IBR reporting.

If, for example, a testing vendor sends two consecutive months of data at 0% and the third month is higher than 0%, then that testing vendor must submit three more consecutive months at a 0% error rate. The testing vendor can fix any errors in the already submitted months’ data and resubmit them. If historical data are already available from an Ohio law enforcement agency, the testing vendor can submit those months at one time. When the third consecutive submission of data is at a 0% error rate, the testing vendor moves to Step 3.

Step 3

After three consecutive submissions of a 0% error rate, the Director of the Justice Technology section at the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services will receive the Provisional Certification certificate to sign. Once signed, the vendor will be considered Provisionally Ohio IBR Certified and will be given the certificate.

Step 4

Once provisionally certified, and once the vendor has an Ohio law enforcement agency using the provisionally certified software on a daily basis, the vendor can begin the Official Ohio IBR Certification process.