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Data Specifications Manual
Overview of the IBR system, data elements and values, data submission specifications, and data edits.

The Ohio Incident-Based Reporting System (OIBRS) is a voluntary program for Ohio law enforcement agencies to submit crime statistics and use of force data directly to the state and federal government in an automated format. As Ohio's version of the FBI National Incident Based Reporting System, the OIBRS standard is suited to meet planning, resource allocation, and use for state and local agencies. It also allows Ohio law enforcement agencies and policymakers to speak the same language when discussing and analyzing crime.

In 2017, the collection of law enforcement use of force incidents was added to the OIBRS data collection and submission specifications manual. The program will also electronically submit use of force incidents that meet FBI criteria to the FBI National Use-of-Force Data Collection program. Along with processing monthly crime and use of force data from Ohio law enforcement, training resources are available, and OCJS assists agencies with automating their records and reporting process. Assistance is also provided to RMS software vendors seeking to obtain OIBRS Certification.


Jim Luebbers, Program Coordinator

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