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Law Enforcement Certification
Law Enforcement Certification

Law Enforcement Certification

The Collaborative offers a certification process for police departments in Ohio.

Certification Components

  1. Establishing professional standards for law enforcement to meet; and
  2. Administering a voluntary assessment process by which law enforcement departments can be recognized for meeting best practices.

Benefits of Certification

  • Ensures sustainable solutions for agencies as they build strong relationships with their communities.
  • Builds a foundation of solutions and tools for any agency.
  • Provides law enforcement with the resources they need to build and sustain a healthy police culture.
  • Provides a basis for an agency to judge its performance and enhance operations.
  • Promotes consistency in application of policies which helps to promote public confidence.

Standards are also effective risk management tools for potentially preventing and reducing loss in professional liability claims.


Use the links below to login and use our law enforcement online certification system.

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