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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the most frequently asked questions from 2020 below. Download the CJS 0210 for more frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions – 2020

What are the benefits of continuing with the program?

  • Creates standardization of policies between LE agencies throughout the state.
  • Provides the opportunity to review outdated policies with a free resource on best practices.
  • Provides free access to Peer resources who are experts in the field of LE.
  • Voluntary participation is a way to publicly demonstrate your community commitment.
  • Transparency of our actions to the community builds trust and confidence.
  • Paid IACP membership for your agency with access to dozens of best practice policies and other member benefits.

Where do I find the Database?

The database link can be found at https://services.dps.ohio.gov/ohiocollaborative.

Is there a User’s Guide?

The User Guide is available on the Ohio Collaborative website under the “Law Enforcement Certification” tab, or at the following link.

Why do I need to list more than one person in the agency Details?

There may be change of personnel and/or leadership in an agency that we would otherwise not be aware of. Often, administrators of the agency wish to be included in correspondence to stay updated on the process of Certification.

Who do I contact to get help with the certification process?

Contact our staff for any help we can provide.

How do you upload your supporting documents?

Documents must be in PDF format to be uploaded into the database. Each standard contains bullets that are assigned a letter designation to correspond with compliance. Documents should be uploaded to the bullet point/standard to which they directly relate.

How should I name the files?

We ask that you title a document with the bullet it pertains to so it can be a quick reference, but also make sure it includes the year. For example, “2019 Use of Force read & sign/Bullet D”.

Do I need information in all 3 groups?

There must be information provided for the standards you are requesting certification in. If a policy or Group of policies does not yet apply to your agency then they should be left blank. You may add documents in a piecemeal approach to a policy while you are working towards certification.

Can I use the same documents in different bullet points?

Yes, agencies often author a memo or review that covers different topics. If a document shows compliance for more than one bullet point or standard, then it can be uploaded multiple times in different areas of the database as compliance.

When will I get a final on group 2 and 3?

A Final Certification will be issued upon completion of the Provisional review process and an on-site visit. We do our best to minimize the occurrence of these on-sites in an effort to lessen any burden on the agency. For this reason we attempt to coordinate any Final reviews along with a Recertification in the same visit.

What do I need for compliance information in the annual review for Bias Free Policing?

This is a method for an agency CEO to do an annual “check up” on your policy and how you are administering it. Some agencies author an annual, in-depth review of all factors relative to this policy and others provide a simple memorandum. You should, at a minimum, document if your agency policy has been followed by practice, a review of collected data, and any citizens’ concerns related to this policy.

Do I have to do a waiver for each year?

The answer is No. We may check in with you from time to time to see if your Waiver is still valid, but we consider it valid until a report is received otherwise. You may upload a new Waiver each year, but it is not required.

Should I submit an agency application for each year?

Submitting an annual application is not necessary. The “Agency Details” page is considered the new version of an application. If there are changes to be made to your agency’s details, they should be made electronically in the “Agency Details” page in the database.

What is the note tab in the database?

The “NOTES” tab was created as a method for agencies and OCJS staff to communicate updates with each other by using the email “check box”. Anyone can leave comments on recent changes. For example, if an agency removes a BWC waiver because they are now deploying BWCs and have a new policy in place, they can notify OCJS staff through this page. Or, “updated agency contact list with new email addresses”. Make sure to check the “send email” button so that OCJS staff is notified by the system. This tab makes it easier for agencies to streamline communication in 1 place. Because of this tab, it is not necessary to make submissions through the Ohio Collaborative email address anymore.

If nothing has changed can I use the same memos from prior years?

In some cases the same memo applies each year. However, if your policy dictates that an annual review is completed, then a new memo should be created.

Where do I put each new year’s compliance documents?

When uploading documents for Groups 2 and 3, you can upload into the same folders where the original documents are found. When uploading current compliance, please label the documents with the year that they pertain to so the documents are easier to find for Assessors. Our team is currently working with the IT department to hopefully create folders for each year to streamline this process. We apologize if there is any confusion in the meantime. Please remember that any updated compliance for Group 1 should go in the Group 1-RC1 folders.

Do I still receive my IACP membership?

OCJS continues to fund the annual IACP membership for agencies in good standing with the Ohio Collaborative. The deadline for 2020 membership is Friday, February 7, 2020. All requests must be received by OCJS prior to this date to ensure fees are paid on time.

Where do I upload documents for recertification?

Please be sure that documents for recertification are uploaded into the “Group 1-RC1” folders for Use of Force and Recruitment & Hiring. Please do not use the original Group 1 tab. It is very important that updated compliance documents are labeled to include the year that they pertain to. Having the documents labeled makes the process much simpler for the Assessors. If your agency does not have a RC1 tab, it will be coming soon. The system automatically generates the RC1 tab as your agency comes up on the 3 year mark for recertification.

Is there a deadline for recertification?

The recertification timeline is generated automatically by the Collaborative .Database. Each agency is granted ample time to submit recertification documents, depending on the agency’s needs. Keep in mind that agencies that are due for recertification in 2019 must submit compliance by March 2020 to be listed in the Governor’s 2020 Law Enforcement Certification Public Report