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RecoveryOhio Law Enforcement Fund

The RecoveryOhio Law Enforcement Fund will provide funding to defray expenses that a drug task force organization incurs in perform its functions related to the enforcement of the state’s drug laws and other state laws related to illegal drug activity as well as activities related to the RecoveryOhio Initiative. Each applicant will need to demonstrate how their application meets the stated purpose of the fund.


All RecoveryOhio Law Enforcement Fund applicants must have an organization, or subgrantee, that will serve as the fiduciary agent and assume overall responsibility for the grant. This organization, or subgrantee, must be a unit of local government. A unit of local government has legislative autonomy, jurisdiction, and authority to act in certain circumstances. Units of government include a county, municipality, township, or village. If two or more jointly apply, they must designate one body to take the lead role and identify that agency’s fiscal officer. The law enforcement agency cannot act as the subgrantee.

Reporting Requirements

Drug task forces are required to enter drug stats in the online Drug Incident Summary Overview (DISCO) program through the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC). The drug stats must be entered biweekly. For further information, please contact Richard Meadows at rmeadows@dps.ohio.gov.