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Family Violence Prevention & Services Act Grant Program (FVPSA)

The Family Violence Prevention & Services Act (FVPSA) grants fund projects to prevent incidents of family violence and provides immediate shelter and related assistance for family violence victims and dependents. Statewide initiatives are also eligible for FVPSA funding.


  • See OCJS Grants Calendar for application and submission timeline
  • Project Period: July - June
  • All projects must have an organization or subgrantee that will serve as the fiduciary agent and assume overall responsibility for the grant. Eligible subgrantees include:
    • A unit of local government or council of governments. A unit of local government has the legislative autonomy, jurisdiction, and authority to act in certain circumstances. Units of local government include a city, county, township, or village. If two or more jointly apply, they must designate one body to take the lead role and identify that agency's fiscal officer; or
    • State agencies, state-supported universities; or
    • Statewide and local nonprofit or faith-based associations. Projects implemented by courts, law enforcement agencies, and mental health boards may not act as their own subgrantee.
  • Cash Match
    • Local 35% cash and/or in-kind match for new projects
    • Local 20% cash and/or in-kind match for continuation projects

Funding Areas

  • Core Shelter Services (001)
  • Prevention and Related Assistance (002)

Archived Request for Proposals

FVPSA Reporting Requirements

FVPSA Federal Memorandums