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Property Room Module - Belmont County Sheriff's Office


The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office has been one of the forerunners in using the LEOT software since January 1995. We have been very pleased with the use of the Toolkit and the progress that has been made throughout the years. Only the dedication and professionalism of its staff at OCJS has made this possible.

"Since 2004, we have gone online with the Property Room (Evidence) Module of the Toolkit. This module has reduced duplicating documents at the patrol level. Now the patrol officer just checks a box in the Property Segment of the report and the information is forwarded to the Property Room (Evidence) Module.

Captain Ron Everett who oversees our evidence room states that the module makes the evidence room more efficient in tracking the evidence from the beginning to the end. No more searching through piles of documents for the right one. Having an up-to-date inventory of the room and a year-end report at your fingertips saves a lot of work throughout the year.

Sgt. David M. Lucas
Belmont Co. Sheriff’s Office